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Inspiring Journey

RJ Yolande Mendes is a Singer, Voice-over Artist, Entrepreneur, Freelancer and a former Radio Jockey from Mumbai. who has completed 1800+ Certificate Courses on Various Fields of study and currently holds 2 WORLD RECORDS. One for the "Most Certifications Achieved in a Lifetime!" and one for the "Most Online Certifications Achieved in a Day!" She is an avid learner who strives to be the best version of herself by using her skills and talents to the best of her ability. Her career truly embodies the ‘queen-of-all-trades’ concept, and has allowed her to become an incredibly effective and versatile Individual. Her drive to achieve new things every day is such an inspiration to everyone and its always a pride to see women like her setting an example to everyone around. She did shows as a Radio Jockey in channels like Radio MUST 107.8 FM (Mumbai University’s Community Radio), Music Aur Masti, The Radio Red & Radio Asia Live (Internet Radio Channels). She also ventured into creating a name in the world of freelancing where she offers services including (but not limited to): Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Voice Overs, Web Designing, Social Media Content Creation, Business Coaching,  Life Coaching, Counseling, Career Guidance,  Professional Training, Business Branding and many more. She is currently is ranked in the top 1% of the elite preferred freelancers group on as well as a level 2 seller on Yolande truly believed that her voice was a blessing so continued to be a Voice Over artist where she recorded THOUSANDS of projects ranging from Television Commercials, Voicemails, IVRs, Podcast Intros/Outros, Explainer videos, E-Learning, Whiteboard animation, YouTube Video Voice Overs and many more, she also has her YouTube channel where she sings Gospel Music and Various Bollywood & English Cover songs as and when possible, to have her talent sustained while she ventured into her own Digital Marketing firm called DIVE International.

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