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Yolande's career truly embodies the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ concept that has allowed her to become an incredibly effective and versatile Individual. With a key focus on being the best version of herself this young entrepreneur also ventured into creating a name in the world of freelancing. Within a year of being an active freelancing individual, she is now a level 2 seller on and a preferred seller who is ranked in the Top 1% of the platform's elite club on based on her earnings and ratings.

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Yolande's academic background and huge learning hunger has given her the freedom and ability to apply her skills in many different fields. She has completed more than 500 Certificate Courses for which she was awarded with a Word Record title of the Most Certifications achieved in a Lifetime by Harvard World Records. Yolande is an avid learner who is known as a Millennial Multi-Hyphenate with an inspiring journey.

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Over the past 13 years, She has specialized in Branding Businesses, and focused her attention and work on helping clients in this area. She offers a number of services that allow her to do this, including (but not limited to): Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Voice Overs, Web Designing, Social Media Content Creation, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Counseling, Career Guidance, Professional Training, Business Branding and many more...

Through the multitudinous fields and areas that she undertakes projects in, one thing remains consistent: her professional values. She believes in being reliable, creative, and passionate. Through these pillars of commitment, she knows that she can provide the type of assets and products that will uplift and elevate a client's brand and business endeavors.

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Yolande Mendes is a person who has great skills and deep experience of Branding and has done my project beautifully, she has delivered the project on time with a unique design that I simply love. I am extremely happy and more than glad that I awarded her with this Project.

 - Daniel S.

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Thank you for an excellent job Yolande! Yolande helped me by filling in a survey I am conducting. She offered extremely professional, insightful, and thoughtful responses to my survey about skill development when working online. Her communication was top-notch and she was very punctual and organized in all of our interactions. Thanks Yolande and I wish you all the best in the future!

- Oxford Cloudwork R.

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Yolande has great attitude and a positive spirit. She has strong Wix understanding and good knowledge about nuances with ability to figure out complexities very quickly.

 - Raghav G.

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I was lost and needed directions in my business so had a good 2hour session with Yolanda. Being lost with a list of questions i kindof bombed her with questions but she was patient and was able to provide me solutions on how to think better and what to do from here. Really appreciate your patience and spirit and looking forward to working with you :)

 - Tracy I.

RJ Yolande Mendes - Vouch 2.png

She is super fast and expert in her skills, job done, technology and it has left an elated feeling working with her throughout the project. I strongly recommend to use Yolande wherever you need both professionalism and expertise. Wishing all the best for her future and God bless her.

- Dr. Sugumar B.

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She is an amazing designer and does honest, professional work. Best thing about her is she is available when we need it. Surely we are going to work together again. She is a wizard of graphic work and a professional freelancer. Always delivers tasks on time, is courteous and gem of a person. We love working with her. We are definitely going to hire her again.

 - Prakash M.

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