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Yolande Mendes has channeled her learnings and skillsets to be a multitasking master in all she does! She is a woman entrepreneur from Mumbai, the CEO and Founder of Digital Internet Venture Enterprise International which is a Digital Marketing firm that handles the Branding of Businesses online. She also owns DIVE Jewels, DIVE Style, DIVE Astro, YoPrint and BrillBizz.

DIVE International
DIVE Jewels
DIVE Style
DIVE Astro
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Yolande believes there is immense joy in spreading smiles and had selflessly been involved in missions as and when she felt she could without second thoughts. Her values and kind nature has helped her stand out for various social events where she has lead from the front making each one a success which in turn made her proud of doing the little that she could. She has always had a heart of Gold for the Elderly and also for Animals and did her part wherever she could make a little difference in her own way.

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Yolande and I have worked on many projects together and she always produces exceptional work. Not only does she quickly grasp the vision of the creative direction, but she also adds to the projects! I thoroughly enjoy working with her to create masterpieces!

 - Patty Barrios

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Yolande is a knowledgeable strategic leader that inspires her team to be great. She is a highly skilled, dedicated, energetic, and an ethical professional who strives to learn and grow. Her ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before. Her quality of work is exceptional and her outgoing, warm personality is contagious in the work environment.

 - Fredon Rodrigues

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Yolande Mendes demonstrated a deep knowledge of her field and a natural ability to share her expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. She possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, Experiencing her fast and sharp mind at work is most impressive. She is very creative, hands-on, and organized. She knows how to bring the best out of each person and is an outstanding mentor.

- Mohammad Maher

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I have known Yolande since ages now, right from working in FIS to DIve International and now Fiverr and Freelancer. She is one of the most kindest and helpful friend I have ever come across. I am new to the online world and freelancing and she made it too easy for me in each and every way. She takes out time patiently replying to every single query of mine even if it is at 3 in the morning I couldn't have asked for a better mentor cause she is truly a gem of a person. All salute to her!

- Megan Dsouza

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Yolande Mendes is very jolly and very Confident Person at what she does! Very creative and a humble Human being! Yes a life changer too! She helped me out in a wonderful way! Very professional at what she does! Always available to help out of her way . Ya Yolande You Rock. Thank you For everything you have done for me.

 - Samuel Karkada

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Yolande is super at what she does. She is awesome and I am keeping her for long-term work. No regrets about working with her. She is Super great honest and hard working. Full of good energy supper patient. I'm ecstatic with the work Yolande has done for me. Fast and furious like always. Exceed my expectation in all tasks. I only have great things to say about her and her work quality.

 - Lan Truong

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